Saturday, June 6, 2009

1977 Schwinn Twinn

My latest and greatest treasure!! Our friends Dave and Linda were visiting their daughter and family in Las Vegas and came home with this for me! Their daughter Candace found it in a dumpster and had it sitting around for a while and was on its way back to the dumpster when Dave said, "I think this is something Sue would want (because it is pink)." Wow was he right!! Although he thought I would want it for yard art, I want to ride it. It will perfect for going to Farmer's Market, Starbucks and just bike rides! Doug is game and thinks it will be a blast too!!

After some research I have learned it is a 1977 Chicago Schwinn Twinn and it was Pearlescent Orange (faded and looks more pink now). This morning Doug and I went off to a couple of bike shops and purchased new tires, tubes, cables, etc. Doug is getting it ride worthy for a test spin. He is cleaning it up and rebuilding it to make sure it is in good riding condition and is road worthy (he rebuilt many bikes in his teen years as a hobby); then he will disassemble it and off to body shop to be painted. It is going to be so cool when it is done; I can't wait!! I will give you a couple of hints, black, red, white and flames; since Doug has received so much flack from his friends asking him if he really is going to ride it I will make sure he is the envy of them all!! I have another old bike in my garden (a three-wheeler) that I think I we will restore also, it will be pink though for sure!!