Monday, October 26, 2009

Jalama Beach

This past Saturday Doug and I took a drive to Jalama Beach (about an hour south) to have lunch with our friends who are there for a week camping. After many years of camping with our boys, started in a tent; ended in a camper, I am officially retired. As Doug states; my idea of camping is a hotel without room service! We took our ’55 Chevy since it was such a beautiful day. I was hoping we would stumble upon a flea/swap meet, yard sale and/or a roadside sale in our travels. I make Doug a little apprehensive of what I may find after our Harley trip to Beatty, NV! About 8 years ago I found a red metal headboard and footboard at a roadside sale that I could not live without! He told me if I could find a way to get them home, go for it! Well, of course I did, we met a couple who had “trailered” their bike and lived about 20 miles from us. The red metal headboard and footboard look awesome in my 1940’s inspired “cherry” guest bedroom!!

After we devoured, and thoroughly enjoyed, our Jalama burgers we chatted and visited with our friends, who by the way scored the best campsite in the park! Gazing at and listening to the ocean “speak” to me is an emotion I can’t quite describe; it is so vast and loud yet it has such a calming and peaceful effect on me. It certainly rejuvenates me and reminds me who is in charge and to take note!! Although I didn’t find any “junking” treasures, I saw a small rustic old barn with a tin roof I would love to have (Doug was so glad it was not even remotely “for sale”), I did come across one priceless treasure, an afternoon with my husband. We rolled the windows down, chatted and relished in the sights, sound and scent that so remind us why we love living on the Central Coast and how much fun we still have, after all these years, being married to our “best friend.”

On our way home I envisioned a new card line, beachscapes!! The wheels keep turning…

Monday, October 19, 2009

Harvest and 'Tis the Season Cards

Last night as I was packaging some card orders I confirmed to myself that "when you do what you love you love what you do!" It brings me so much happiness to know that people will be sending and receiving our cards. We have had several people tell us that our cards are simple yet so "happy." I don't know if there could be a better compliment, since this what our initial intent has always been. To think that a "simple" card could put a smile on someones face, cheer them up, give them hope and/or make them feel special is so rewarding. I love to give cards as much as I love to receive them, there's no better feeling than going to the mailbox and finding a card addressed to me! We live in such a fast paced society now that we often forget the "simple" things that mean so much to us. We are becoming so accustomed to email greetings and once you read it tends to go by the wayside, usually it gets deleted! We have become so connected yet we are so personally disconnected. A card allows you to tangibly reminisce and draw on your memories. It is such an inspiration to know that when you receive a card from someone they have made time for you because you are so special to them!

When we design and illustrate our cards we capture the "simple" things that we are too busy to notice anymore, many are created from our own childhood memories. Our Gardens cards are illustrated from our own backyards! The possibilities are endless as we are constantly coming up with ideas for our next card lines and adding to our current ones!

Keep the card giving tradition alive; brighten someones day by sending/giving them a ...Simply Stated greeting card! Order your Harvest and 'Tis the Season cards today; you may order online at

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Attended the Nipomo Chamber of Commerce Mixer last night! First Mixer as a Chamber member, ...Simply Stated!! Watch out world, or at least Nipomo, here we come! Since my sister could not be there Doug filled in for her. We had a blast and enjoyed networking with the businesses in our community. We have lived in Nipomo now for almost 6 years (we moved from Grover Beach) and we love it! It is very tranquil and we love being at home.

...Simply Stated will be at the Holiday Craft & Gift Boutique at the Edwards Barn on Saturday, November 21st from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm! Please come out and meet us! Get a preview of our cards on our website at

I am really feeling the "junking bug" and this weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm...maybe I'll hit the Sunset Swap on Sunday!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Here we are at the October Festival in Nipomo! We had a blast; it was such fun to see so many families out and about enjoying our little piece of paradise on the Central Coast!! Thank you so so much to all of our our friends and our family who stopped by and were very encouraging; they love our cards!! Our cards were so well received; we were elated and so proud to finally get to share them. Please visit our website; online ordering is up and running! It's the perfect time to stock up on Harvest and 'Tis the Season cards, as well as every other occasion! Visit our website at to see our complete card lines.

We will be adding new card lines after the holidays, check back regularly to see all of our new lines as they are introduced!

Place your custom Personally YOUrs Christmas cards by the end of this month to receive them in plenty of time to get them out in time for Christmas!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gosh, it has been too long since I have posted here...but I have started a business with my sister and I'd like to share it with you all! We have started a unique and original greeting card business called ...Simply Stated. Please visit our website and get a glimpse of our card lines. We will be debuting our cards this Saturday, October 10th at the October Festival in Nipomo. Our website has all the details! Hope to see you there, I will post pictures of the event here soon!