Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello Friends...I've Missed You!

Happy Spring…no I did not fall of the planet! Life is full of twists and turns and sometimes we just have to regroup. Doug and I have been junking whenever we’ve had the chance; so much so that we are going to start selling our treasures as we seem to amass much more than we can use and pass on to our family and friends! We are true “junkers” and just can’t pass up a yard/garage sale, estate sale, flea market, swap meet, you get the picture! We see the potential and beauty in what others would just call junk!

We just can’t stop ourselves and realize that this is more than a hobby…it is a passion. I love to repurpose, reuse and recycle “junk” into functional pieces for your home and yard. I will be posting pictures of our adventures, our treasures and have a section of items for sale. Please come back regularly and share us with your friends!

Happy Junking!