Friday, April 23, 2010

Relay for Life in 8 days...

Wow, I didn’t realize it had been so long since my last post. This is my first year being involved with Relay for Life…here is how it all got started! I met Amber at the Edward’s Barn Holiday Boutique; we had a booth and were introducing our Fall and Christmas cards. Amber loved our cards and purchased some Christmas tags we had made especially for this show. We got to talking and she told us she would like to meet with us and the staff partner for Relay for Life in our local community to discuss having us design and illustrate cards for the local Relay for Life communities. We met with Deb and Amber and designed and illustrated cards for the nine Relay communities!! As we met with the gals my heart was tugging at me to get involved as we have a friend who is battling pancreatic cancer right now and lost a friend many years ago to it, my sister and her husband just lost a long time high school friend to it.

Not only did I make a decision to get involved I decided I would start a team (that was the intimidating aspect since the Relay is 24 hours!). Doug and my inspiration was that we could give up 24 hours of our lives to save others lives, though we tend to fall asleep by 9:00 pm these days, we felt compelled to help make a difference. We have been very fortunate not to have lost any of our immediate family members to cancer but have seen how it destroys families all around us. This ugly disease attacks without warning and no one is safe until a cure is found. If we can save one person we can save everyone, together we can make a difference. Our team is called Paul’s Purple Posse, this first inaugural year we are honoring Paul, our friend who is battling pancreatic cancer. We have 17 team members and we have raised over $6,000.00 to date. This has been a very rewarding experience so far and the Relay is still a week away!!

Please visit the American Cancer Society’s website to learn more about Relay for Life and how you can get involved, if you aren’t already on a team! This is such a worthwhile cause and so much of the money raised goes directly to research and direct patient services. Here is the link to our team page:

American Cancer Society, “The Official Sponsor of Birthdays”