Monday, October 19, 2009

Harvest and 'Tis the Season Cards

Last night as I was packaging some card orders I confirmed to myself that "when you do what you love you love what you do!" It brings me so much happiness to know that people will be sending and receiving our cards. We have had several people tell us that our cards are simple yet so "happy." I don't know if there could be a better compliment, since this what our initial intent has always been. To think that a "simple" card could put a smile on someones face, cheer them up, give them hope and/or make them feel special is so rewarding. I love to give cards as much as I love to receive them, there's no better feeling than going to the mailbox and finding a card addressed to me! We live in such a fast paced society now that we often forget the "simple" things that mean so much to us. We are becoming so accustomed to email greetings and once you read it tends to go by the wayside, usually it gets deleted! We have become so connected yet we are so personally disconnected. A card allows you to tangibly reminisce and draw on your memories. It is such an inspiration to know that when you receive a card from someone they have made time for you because you are so special to them!

When we design and illustrate our cards we capture the "simple" things that we are too busy to notice anymore, many are created from our own childhood memories. Our Gardens cards are illustrated from our own backyards! The possibilities are endless as we are constantly coming up with ideas for our next card lines and adding to our current ones!

Keep the card giving tradition alive; brighten someones day by sending/giving them a ...Simply Stated greeting card! Order your Harvest and 'Tis the Season cards today; you may order online at

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