Monday, May 17, 2010

Sometimes it’s Just the Simple Things in Life

This past weekend Doug and I set off to Lompoc to experience a twelve year old Relay; since we are newbie’s to Relay. We surprised Deb, ACS staff partner, and took a lap with her; again what an amazing experience to witness so many people coming together for such a worthwhile cause. I have volunteered to be the Team Captain Chair next year for Nipomo’s Relay For Life. I had been told that once you experience Relay you are never the same again…so true!

On our way back from Lompoc we stopped at Costco to buy vitamins and came home with a Wii. We had so much fun creating our Mii’s in our own likeness and we are hooked on bowling; I may just may able to beat Doug before long! Yesterday morning we synced up the Fitness Board and we found out, according to Wii, we are obese!! Our Mii’s expanded before our eyes as it assessed our personal information...we couldn’t fib on our weight as the Fitness Board weighs you!! So our goal is to each lose 20 lbs in 3 months. We each have a personal trainer to help us meet our goal…who need’s a gym anymore when you can have a personal trainer at your disposal anytime day or night! We decided to cut out dessert since we have to be accountable and check in daily. We started cracking up because we are intimidated by our Wii!

We have been getting together with friends for Game Night and we can’t wait to have a bowling tournament…I need to get my wrist action down and become more consistent. Doug told me yesterday that I don’t have a competitive bone in my body; they are all competitive. Game on!!

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