Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Game Night

As hard as times are right now I have come to the realization that some of the simplest things in life can make you so happy and fill a void that you may have not even known existed. This past Saturday evening Bill and Cheryl (our daughter-in-law Jennifer's parents) came over for dinner and game night; we played Rummikub until 11:00! Anymore that is a late night for us, we usually are in bed by 10:00 at the latest! We used to get together at least once a month and go out for dinner because we were all so busy and always on the go, something we don't do so often anymore. I hope one of the things I take and keep from this "recession" is that we have slowed down and are taking time to smell the coffee. We were reminiscing that when we were first married we got to together with friends and had dinner and game night because we didn't have any play money, well here we are again. So when we say we miss the good old days we can recapture and recreate some of those memories! We just need to refocus and enjoy the simple things that are right in front of us and make lemonade out of our lemons. We all had so much fun; we can't wait until we meet for our rematch; not to brag but I was victorious!

Since one of my biggest passions is junking, especially repurposing and recreating with it, I have given this craft a whole new meaning! We recreated a time in our lives that was priceless and very memorable and best of all it was free, my favorite kind of "find."

We are very well aware of how difficult times are and what we used to think our retirement life would be like seems to be an eternity away for us now, but for a moment it was great to have my biggest concern be; I need a yellow twelve.

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  1. Sound like you had fun with the family...we play Pictionary, Yahtzee, Mille Bornes and sometime Pokeno for pennies.
    You are right entertainment is hard to come by, but come by it cheap is better.
    I even have some girl friends and we play Bunco and meet at different house for dinner and Bunco. $5.00 per person... with 12 of us.
    Fun is fun...
    takecare Sandra