Monday, November 23, 2009

'Tis the Season of Craft & Gift Boutiques

These past two weekends have been so busy! We were invited to Hilmar Cheese Co. to debut our cards designed exclusively for them at their Taste of the Holidays event the previous weekend and this past weekend we were at the Holiday Craft & Gift Boutique at the Edwards Barn in Nipomo...Whew! We are going to be at the Central Coast Craft Fair and Boutique this Friday and Saturday at the Veterans Memorial Building in San Luis Obispo! It dawned on me this morning that I also have to plan and prepare Thanksgiving dinner in between all this! I would also like to get my house "Christmasized" by the 1st of December. I like to think that I am overly organized and I can juggle many things at one time (I think I can still do this!), so this week will be a good test to see if I've still got it.

Since I may be losing my daytime job come July, I work for a community college in a categorical funded program, I am grateful that my sister and my greeting card business is really starting to take off! When we decided to go forward with our dream we both said, well we have less years in front of us than behind us, statistics prove this, that it's now or never! And of course that we both work in education and may not have jobs that much longer, pray for education in CA; heaven knows we need it. I have come to the conclusion that I have become more confident in myself as I get older, I understand now why someone in their 80's goes skydiving! I am off this week, furlough days, and we are meeting with local wineries and getting ready for the upcoming weekend. We had a great show at the Edwards Barn and are looking forward to this weekend! This will be our last show for this year so come see us if you can! We are taking orders through this weekend for Personally YOUrs Christmas cards, one-of-a-kind original and unique cards featuring YOU and YOUr loved ones!

I may not be ready to go skydiving just yet, but I do know that I can't say anymore that I would never do that! It is definitely true that I become more daring with each year that passes, for this year I think starting a business will be enough of a challenge. Watch out 2010 here I come! I plan on stepping out of my box and creating big time!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope that you are able to spend it with those you love and cherish.

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