Friday, March 2, 2012

Chapter 37...RVing

Well, Doug finally talked me into our next empty nester chapter...RVing! I have taken an extended break from "camping" after many years of it! I grew up camping (tent camping; fun as a kid and I don't remember it being rough), we camped when we were first married (really roughed it; no services) and we camped with our boys for many years (not as rough; we had a cab over camper with no hook-ups). I have such fond memories of those times, well most of them! So many of our friends have RV's and take off for weekend getaways. Doug has been commenting for some time now how much fun we would have. I was convinced that we would not be RVer's when we got old; well we are getting old and we are going to be RVer's...never say never! The Central Coast offer's some wonderful areas to camp, or as in our case ~ hook-up (woohoo; not rough at all), from the beaches to the mountains that are perfect weekend getaways!

I am looking forward to our new adventure and the opportunities to find treasures along the way, there's bound to be swap meets, flea markets, town festivals, antique/thrift stores, yard sales, etc. Doug certainly knows how to appeal to one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I think I am my most recent redesigned, recycled and repurposed project! I know it will take me a few trips to get back into the swing of things but I am sure it is just like getting back on a bike!
Happy trails...

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