Saturday, January 16, 2010

Reenergized and Refocused

Christmas and New Years are officially over; everything is put away. Our son (and grand dogs) left to go back to Montana yesterday and his wife has gone back to her parents home while she finishes her next rotation and internship before heading back in February. The house is big and quiet, we are officially empty nesters again; something we should be good at after nine years but somehow having Jeff, Jennifer, Miley and Roy home for 3 ½ weeks filled a void that I wasn’t aware of. When Jeff and the dogs left yesterday morning that familiar tug at my heart took over as it did when they moved to Montana and we said good bye, saying good bye after a surprise visit to celebrate Jeff ‘s 28th birthday, saying good bye after their visit home last May. The good news is Jennifer graduates in August and it sounds like they want to come back home to live (Jeff surfed just about every day he was home); but who knows they may stay in Montana or move somewhere else! So time for me to get refocused and reorganized!

My sister and I are excited to expand our business, …Simply Stated, this year. We have some great leads to design and illustrate custom cards for some awesome businesses. If this is something you are interested in please contact us. What better way to start the New Year than to send cards to those you are near and dear to and/or to brand your business! Personal contact always puts a smile on the face of the receiver as it makes them feel warm and fuzzy knowing that you took time just for them which in turn will make you smile, and feel warm and fuzzy, and it just may well boost your business! We also have lines of cards that are priced so affordable that you can keep them on hand and send them/give them out in a moment's notice!

...I am doing the happy dance today as 2009 is in the books, QuickBooks that is! I took yesterday off and spent the day engrossed in it and I am the victor!! I am registered in a Financial Management class, yes I am officially a student again, starting on Wednesday the 20th, wish me luck as I haven't been in the classroom for some time now. I am looking forward to this adventure since the last accounting class I took was about 35 years ago.

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