Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trash to Treasure

I am in the process of helping my friend “redesign” her office and kitchen…I am in heaven! She has requested my services and it is such a compliment to have someone be so appreciative and amazed at what I so take for granted, because I love repurposing, recreating, redesigning… We purchased an awesome piece of solid wood furniture (I think it was originally a section of an entertainment center; the TV cabinet) from an Estate Sale we happened upon a week ago. I am currently repurposing it into a breakfast bar which will provide extra counter space and storage which she very much needs as she is a very successful Pampered Chef Senior Director and Consultant. She wants to transform her “oak” office into a light and inviting space. Oh do I have ideas!! I have collected some great finds from her “trash pile” that are perfect to be recycled into shelves and storage. She has picked out some elements from my home that she would like to have incorporated in her redesign. WOW, that is the ultimate compliment in my book; I can’t wait to get started in her office. I have recruited Doug to construct her gallery shelves for the hallway, she love ours (my idea, his brawn; what a team!!) I see a trip or two to the swap meet soon for accessories; oh do I have a bounce in my step!!

These pictures are a sampling of my redesigns from my home, I will post pictures once I am done with her projects; rain, rain go away… I know, I know, we need it; however, it hampers paint drying, sanding outdoors, swap meets, etc. Hmm, that sounds a bit selfish; but once I start a project I get on a roll!!

…more to come soon!

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